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Hello, I'm Daphne.

I'm a small town girl from Shorter, Alabama with a huge imagination. I consider myself somewhat of a chameleon because over my years of life I've been able to change into whatever was needed for my vision to be fulfilled. I found my way to Montgomery by attending college. I have a degree in Business Management, but I had a true passion for entrepreneurship. I am a former private educational nanny, with over 23 years of  experience. I'm a event producer (I've created very unique experiences over the years that are not common in my hometown). Also, I am a certified Postpartum and Birth Doula. I am a joyful, caring, charismatic, silly and sometimes flamboyant plant based woman who loves music and minimalism. I love laughing and helping others discover a healthier lifestyle. THE CO-LAB COLLECTIVE has given me the space and opportunity to combine all of my many talents under one roof, while providing a space for "OUR PEOPLE" to do the same.

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