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I'm Ossie!

I am originally from Dothan, AL.  College brought me to Montgomery, Alabama. I have a degree in Human Resources Management from Auburn University Montgomery.  Professionally, I have worked as an HR Manager and an Insurance Agent. Entrepreneurship has always been a passion of mine.  When my mother became ill in 2016, I made the decision to work 100% for myself. I started O. Vaughn Virtual Services, and I have not looked back since then. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my amazing kids, family, and friends, working out, and eating.

I am extremely excited to bring something great to the city of Montgomery.   The Co-Lab Collective is a place for professionals and creatives. We offer business consultations, virtual office and registered agent services, a collaborative work environment, and more.  We are also an event venue. I specialize in working with small business owners.  I look very forward to continuing the effort in helping bridge the knowledge gap that many small business owners and freelancers experience.  My sole intent is to educate people and find ways to collaborate with those who want to connect with others.  I can't wait to meet you in the near future.  If you need assistance please, schedule a business consultation. Let's work!

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