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Choose your plan

  • Registered Agent

    Every year
    Allow us to be your registered agent.
    • Service of Process
    • Compliance Notices
    • Tax Notices
    • Business Mailing Address for Registered Agent
  • Virtual Office-Month

    Every month
    Annual- Pay Monthly Professional physical business address
    • Physical business address
    • 10% Discount Event Space Rental
    • Mail Pickup or pay to have your mail sent to you via USPS
    • Requires one year commitment
  • Virtual Office-Year

    Every year
    Get 1 year virtual office services
    • Physical business address
    • 10% discount event space rental
    • Mail pick up or have your mail sent to you via USPS
    • Requires one year commitment
  • "Our People" Plan

    Every month
    Want to be a Co-Lab Collective supporter? Join today!
    • One time 5% Discount on Event Space Rental
  • Virtual Office 2-Pay

    Every 6 months
    Annual- Pay 2x/year Professional physical business address
    • Physical business address
    • 10% discount event space rental
    • Mail pick up or have your mail sent to you via USPS
    • Requires one year commitment

Annual plans will auto renew. If you do not intend on renewing your plan, follow the guidelines regarding cancellations as explained in your contract agreement.


The Basics

Registered Agent

A “registered agent” is an “agent of the company” defined under statute (i.e. a “statutory agent”). In other words, a registered agents is designated to receive service of process when a company becomes a party in a legal action such as a lawsuit, legal summons or subpoena. A registered agent can either be a business or individual. Because of this, all states require that a company’s registered agent maintain a physical mailing address in the state where the company (or LLC) is registered. A PO Box does not count as a physical mailing address.

This helps ensure that anyone participating in the legal process as against a particular company has a well-defined agent to send important legal material to. The Registered Agent’s job is to simply accept such legal materials and forward it on to the relevant party. Nothing more.

At the state and federal level, the rules of civil procedure permit service of process on companies through their registered agents, and contain rules on how to serve such registered agents. Yes, any service of process your business might receive through a registered agent is important. Using a registered agent does not invalidate the process. Ignore a legal document submitted to your registered agent at your peril — you can risk a default judgement or worse.

Mailing Address

A Registered Agent is not always the same as a physical or mailing address of the company. Most states require a business to have a physical address, regardless of where the company is actually conducting business. Companies operating exclusively on the Internet must have a physical presence somewhere, dictated by where most of its operations are conducted, where it accepts  regular mail or where one or more of its owners sit. This is not the address of the Registered Agent.  You must select an annual Virtual Office office or Annual Desk option to use our address as your pysical and/or mailing address.

Virtual Office

If you don’t want your personal address associated with your company, you can use a “virtual office”. A virtual office is a place where you can rent space or services on behalf of your company. In turn, you use the virtual office as an address for your business.

How does a virtual office service fit into the mix? For starters, a virtual office is not the same as a registered agent. A registered agent (or registered office) only receives your legal documents on behalf of your company. A registered agent does not receive your general mail, and doesn’t have the processes to deal with regular mail. A virtual office can function as an address for your regular office. It must be permitted by the United Stated Postal Service. A virtual office has the processes and permission of the USPS to handle your mail and deliver it to you dependably.

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